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Here. A special package that kicks off a new project I'm starting over here inspired by Lori Portka's 100 Thank Yous Project. Getting out of the house using my Action Journals (and Staedtler pens) to kick the overwhelms to the curb. Candlyland (and this week so many rounds of Uno). Huge granny square blanket. Somehow always getting to that place of love and cuddling and just being together by the end of the day. The altar that's beside me as I chat with the ladies in my new one-on-one offering (in the beta testing phase - will be open to anyone in June!). A card that pretty much says it all (sending me a card in the mail is a way straight to my heart). Ellie's favorite evening activity has become these beads by B. Toys. A peek at the current studio altar. And I just keep rounding those corners as I granny away over here in the evenings while watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix.

Gathering up photos like this is a way to really see evidence of the ways I'm living over here. It helps me to push aside the old stories and the shoulds. And it helps me see the textures and colors and rhythms of our days in this little house. 


Soul Mantras Instagram Sale


I'm having some fun over on the Soul Mantras Instagram feed today. Yes, Bonnie and I started a special Instagram account just for the Soul Mantras and every now and then we're going to have special sales. And weekly, we're sharing peeks into the studio and first announcements about new designs. We also have sample sales from time to time too.

This special sale runs through tomorrow (Tuesday). I hope you find something for you or for a loved one. And we'll be shipping so things get to you in time for Mother's Day!!

Come on and follow us over here!



Ellie and I are in Arch Cape, Oregon for her first art retreat this weekend. It's just the two of us and it's pretty awesome to be here together teaching her the ways of retreating. We're painting and getting sea and salt in our hair and snacking and writing and laughing. And there's of course a heavy dose of remembering to be kind and learning how to take some space when we need it and creating a mess with our words and then hugging it out.

Our time here has me very excited to come back in June for the One Move Retreat (which has five spots left). And it has me thinking about writing a few posts with some thoughts about what I'm learning as we paint and talk and hug it out.


While watching her run on the beach with a new friend this morning, I started thinking about how parenting is so much about trying to stay rooted while the world feels like it spins faster. And I'm not talking about time. That's a given. I'm talking about how you go from knowing what to do in a moment and saying just the right thing to help her learn to hearing her laughter and see her joy literally bubble up around her like magic to watching her run too far from you until she can't see you, until you can't see her, while the tide is coming in and the moment suddenly tosses you over a cliff of worry and knowing you're going to have to pull out the serious voice while not totally losing your shit in front of wedding guests who are suddenly gathering on the beach where just 20 minutes before there was only you and her and adventure waiting. Somehow staying rooted, even if only by a fingertip, in moments like that. 

More soon...but I think it's time to nap while she naps...


love this: scoutmob favorites (and a giveaway!)


For a few months now, I've been curating my favorites from Shoppe by Scoutmob over on Pinterest. As I shared previously, Shoppe by Scoutmob is an awesome site that supports makers by giving them a platform to sell a handful of their goods. It is full of gorgeous, fun handmade items.

Today, I'm partnering with Scoutmob to share a few Mother's Day gift ideas for under $100 AND to give away a $100 gift card to one reader so you can buy your own gift for Mom (or yourself!). Here are just a few of my current maker-made gift ideas on Scoutmob. (Giveaway details are at the end of the post.)

The DIY Scarf Indigo Dye Kit by Yellow Owl Workshop looks pretty darn awesome. I've been eying the indigo dye trend for a while, seeing DIY ideas on Pinterest, and I love that this kit comes with everything you need. If the mom in your life is the DIY type, this would be pretty perfect! 

There are quite a few rings on Scoutmob that I've been dreaming about lately. The Hammered Gold Eclipse Ring by Isla Loves Rick is gorgeous. And the circle can represent so many beautiful stories. I also love the Hammered Siren Ring, the Moon Dot sterling ring, and the Queen Crown Ring. Oh and the custom state quarter ring has become one of my most popular curated pins ever. It is pretty darn awesome!

The Flower Market Scarf Camera Strap by Bluebird Chic is great for the mom who carries her big camera around but wants to be stylish and have her camera hang comfortably from her neck or shoulder. Also really perfect for a photographer who takes photos at weddings and other events. Also really love this canvas and leather strap.

The Double Dot Enamel necklace by K.O'Brien Jewelry is adorable and on trend yet doesn't feel super trendy, and I love the color combinations it comes in! Such a sweet pairing that can represent a mama and child without being too obvious about it. A mom could also give the little dot to her daughter. Love this one!

The Herbal Bath and Beauty Kit from Herbal Organics looks lovely. Giving thoughtfully, handmade self-care products like these can be paired with a beautiful message from your heart about how it is time for the mom in your life to take some time for herself. Love that idea! The Sabbatical Bath Salts also look delightful and have maybe the best name ever.

The Leather Foldover Clutch by Rare Bird is gorgeous. I love how it could go from holding important stuff in your big everyday bag to date night easily. And the price is really great for this kind of leather craftsmanship. (This is pretty much on my wish list big time.) The Full Bloom Flower pouch is also so cute!

Giveaway details: The giveaway is open through 11:59 PM PST, Sunday, April 19. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment sharing your favorites from the gift ideas above. One winner will be chosen at random and will be announced at the end of this post on Monday. Be sure to include your email (not in the comment, just in the email space provided), so we can be in touch with you if you win. Good luck!!! And give maker made this Mother's Day. It's a way to give the moms in your life extra love.

Giveaway Winner: The winner is Lara who commented: #5 the herbal bath and beauty kit. Sometimes mum needs reminded that she CAN take time for herself. Congratulations Lara!! Check your email.

Note: Though I am partnering with Scoutmob for this giveaway, this isn't a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. The links above are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you explore the Shoppe through these links. 


how to fall in love with poetry {part two}

It's National Poetry Month, and each Monday, I'm sharing a few words about poetry in the hope that you'll fall in love. Today, let's get to the reading a poem part of poeming it out.

My life changed forever when I read Derek Walcott’s poem “Love After Love” in 2005. It was like looking into a mirror and upon seeing my reflection knowing I would never truly be able to believe my self-talk the next time I felt so damn lonely.

Because there would always be poetry.

Last week, I invited you to get into your poet's heart by being curious. Today, I want you to open that heart even wider by reading a few poems. 

Let's start with "Breakage" by Mary Oliver (though if you don't know "The Summer Day" or "The Journey" please read them both. Right now. I'll wait.)

Then go on to "Faith" by David Whyte.

Followed by "Forgetfulness" by Billy Collins.

And then "Early in the Morning" by Li-Young Lee 

And finally, here is one from me:

Yes, Just One
by Liz Lamoreux 

Just one? she asked.
I nodded.
But as I sat alone,
glancing at the menu,
I wanted to stand up and say:

Yes, just one.

Just one woman who has been broken open by love and sewn together by living.

Just one woman who has unearthed the stories she had tucked away inside the corners of herself.

Just one woman who holds grief in one hand and joy in the other.

Just one woman who hears the wind whisper the stories of those who came before her.

Just one woman who believes she must choose rest over expectations.

Just one woman who sees truth and beauty in her reflection.

Just one woman who swims with the whales while she sleeps.

Just one woman who cries when she hears Paul Simon play his guitar.

Just one woman who never thought she would be a mother.

Just one woman who feels cocooned by the push and pull of the sea.

Just one woman who listens for reminders to trust.

Just one woman who holds onto the hope of spring’s first crocus.

Yes, just one woman who opens her heart to love each day,
Even when it rains,
Even when the missing sets in,
Even when fear nips at her toes,
Even when it seems impossible.

Are you feeling it yet? The rhythm of poetry that lives inside you? If you're feeling a spark of recognition or even of something you can't quite describe, I encourage you to keep reading, keep searching for the poets who are just waiting to be companions for your journey. 

If you want to keep reading poems, here are some more favorites (be sure to also read the comments of that post).

"Yes, Just One" is from my poetry collection Five Days in April. You can read more about it and purchase a signed copy here.