Come along for 15 days of prompts and inspiration to feed your creative soul and help you tell your stories.

  • Because getting your stories out of you frees you to show up as you. 
  • Because letting your creative self out to play invites in joy, beauty, and connection.
  • Because telling your story is a path to wholeness.
  • Because you deserve a safe space to get it out - on the page, through your lens, with your paintbrush.
  • Because sharing your story in community helps you know you’re not alone. 
  • Because you have a choice to get stuck in the old stories or get them out of you so you can feel free.

Tell It is an ecourse that tapped me on the shoulder until I said, "Yes! I'm listening!" Here's how it works: You pick the medium - art journaling, writing, photography, poeming, painting, sewing, whatever you feel called to play with right now. I provide the prompts, encouragement, and inspiration to help you keep your creative self centered. And then we’ll meet in a private Facebook group to share our stories and creations each day. 





Dates: Course opens April 11

The course is ongoing. There is an initial group starting April 11, and registration will remain after that. When you sign up, your course will begin arriving in your inbox. The Facebook group will be open indefinitely for continued connection and support.  

Cost: $25


Tell It Includes:


Daily emails: Each email will include a creative prompt and a story from my own experiences of living a creative life over here in my corner. In some emails, there will also be a self-care idea, a mindfulness practice, or other inspiration to help you stay centered as you tell the true stories and let your creative soul out to play.

Facebook group: A private Facebook group (that is totally optional) where you can connect with like-minded souls and share your responses to the prompts, ask questions, and share your stories.  

We’ll also connect on Instagram via a hashtag, which is a fun and easy way to share and meet others in the course. 

And here’s the really fun part: You choose the medium your want to play with during our 15-day course.

Here are some ideas:

  • Write in a journal every day using the prompt as a jumping off point.
  • Play in an art journal and create whatever you’re moved to after you read the day’s prompt. You could use paint, crayons, colored pencils, collage materials, and so on.
  • Write a poem (or poem note) each day.
  • Gather your favorite scrapbooking supplies and tell your story through new pages each day.
  • Get out a big stack of magazines and make a collage inspired by that day’s prompt. 
  • Go on a daily photo walk (or dip into your photo archives) using the prompt as inspiration.
  • Get a big (or not so big) canvas and have fun with it each day as you fill it with 15 days of stories.
  • Make a set of prayer flags that are infused with the stories that come up after you read the prompts.
  • Work on that book you keep talking about writing using the prompts as a place to begin.
  • Make a series of small pieces of art - maybe even postcards - that represent the stories that come up when you read the prompts.
  • Take a self-portrait each day that tells the story you’re drawn to share inspired by the day’s prompt.

Supplies needed:

You just need whatever supplies you want to play with. If you aren't sure, start with a notebook and favorite pen.


Just click on the Pay Now button below to sign up for the class. The tuition is $25. Your confirmation from PayPal reserves your spot in the course. You'll receive a welcome email from me and then your Day 1 email will arrive soon after that. I can't wait to connect with you!

The email you use with PayPal is the email I will send your course material to. If you'd prefer a different email, please send me a note after you pay for the course and let me know.