Come along and join me for 10 days of saying YES to this moment. Let yourself root into self-care and mindfulness as you begin 2016.

This FREE online adventure begins Tuesday, January 19. Each day you'll receive an email from me in your inbox that will be a note from my heart to you. My intention is to invite you to open yourself up to the beauty and the realness that surround you each day, so you can begin to say, "Yes, even this" amidst all that life can hand you in a given day, week, month.

Note that after our 10 days ends, you'll continue to receive stories about saying "Yes to this moment" through my (almost) weekly newsletter. You can opt out at any time. And if you're already on my newsletter list, you'll receive Yes, This automatically this time around as a way to reboot your practice as we begin 2016.

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You can join in at any time throughout the 10 days and you'll receive the next day's email. It will come with access to all the practices and previous emails. And if you've joined in and have Gmail and can't find that day's email, try your Promotions folder. Sometimes they hide there.

A little more about Yes, This 

Each morning, when I sit with my cup of coffee and toast and begin to curate the messages, inspiration, true stories, and good things I'll be sharing over on Pinterest and on my blog that day, I think about you over in your corner beginning your day and I wonder what stories you might need to read to remind you that you're not alone.

Of course, the reality is that some of my mornings look more like me sitting in the middle of my bed with my daughter playing an ABC game on the iPad and toast crumbs everywhere and our dog resting her head against the bed hoping for a snack. The laundry is in a large pile in the hallway waiting and my to-do list seems to grow by the minute. 

And even in the midst of the messy reality of the everyday, I try to find that space to take a deep breath and see the beauty of this moment. The beauty of just being right here with the rain tapping on the roof and the smell of Earl Grey tea and the look in my daughter's eyes when she says, "I think it's cuddle time." 

But it's taken me a lot of practice to create space to see the beauty of this moment.

So I'm inviting you to come along for a deep dive into noticing that beauty as I share some of my favorite "being present" practices that help me say YES to this moment.

A Community of Yes

More than 5000 people have taken Yes, This, and each time I offer it, we really do form a community of Yes!

During Yes, This, each day you'll be invited to share your response to that day's prompt through Instagram using the hashtag #yestothismoment so we can find one another. 

Join In

This is your invitation to come along and begin to trust that you're not alone as you experience the beauty and the hard stuff and the joy that is part of each day. There will be a community of like-minded spirits practicing alongside you. It is going to be so good!