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the peonies are here.

My love affair with the peony continues.

Last year, I tried to articulate why they affect me: "These huge heavy bursting blooms are an access point to wonder, to that unwavering truth that spring comes again even when our hearts try to convince us it won't."

This year, I find myself just whispering, "Yes, yes" whenever I walk by them in my new house.

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give yourself this gift.



yes, this.

Tonight, I'm thinking about the "yes" moments I've been collecting over the last week or so...the moments that gently pushed me to be really present and notice the beauty in the midst of the crazy and the hard and the real.

When Ellie Jane came out of her bedroom for about the tenth time after she went to “bed” to tell me one more thing but instead curled up on my lap for a few minutes and put her hand on mine, and I made the choice to just be right here instead of worrying about what tomorrow might bring if she didn’t get enough sleep.

Yes, this.

When I stuck with it even though I wanted to run. 

Yes, this.

When I realized he needed a hug more than he needed me to tell him how to do it right.

Yes, this.

When I paused to just listen to the rain fall on the roof instead of checking my email, then Facebook, then Instagram for the hundredth time. 

Yes, this.

When I picked up the phone and burst into tears as the words tumbled out and she said, "You aren't alone."

Yes, this. 

When I decided to make biscuits for breakfast even though I was the only one home (and I ate four of them).

Yes, this.

When I had an upside-down sort of day but remembered what I know. And what I know is Barbra Streisand's Broadway album, a scarf made with love by my mom, lipstick + mascara, and reaching out to Jon to say, "Can you come home soon?" all help me feel loved and not alone.

Yes, this.

When the deep missing caught me by surprise, and I closed my eyes to try to remember every detail of the guest room in my grandmother's house and suddenly I heard her voice but then it was gone and I wondered if I'll ever remember how it sounded when she'd say my name.

Yes, this.

When I let myself really hear you say, "You really are a good mom." And I tucked our conversation in my pocket to pull out on those days when I forget.

Yes, this.

What "yes" moments are you collecting over in your corner? Give yourself the gift of noticing.


Water Your Soul is an invitation to see the beauty and the mess and making the choice to say "yes" to all of it (even on the days that feels impossible). 

It's about realizing you are not alone in feeling whatever this time of year brings up for you.

It's about making simple moves in December that will help take away from the chaos, not add to it.

It's about being right here giving yourself the gift of replenishing you even as you also give to others.

We begin gathering in our private Facebook space this Wednesday. In that space, we'll share stories, connect, and just be present with one another. We "officially" begin our time together December 1.

Click here to learn more and join us.

Please email me any questions you have.


yes to this moment


This weekend, I followed my own prompt to "get outside" and breathe in the beauty in my corner of the world.

And as I stood there watching Ellie walk back and forth finding sticks and rocks to see what would make the biggest and loudest splash, I felt more grounded than I have in weeks.

Yes, this.

This life. This rememebering what I know. This being right here. This laughter. This patience. This light. This choice that is up to me every single day.